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Short Term Rental Problems?

Galveston has a new hotline for help with issues relating to short-term rentals.

The number for the call center (409-247-8160) is available 24/7.

If you have issues with noise, trash, too many vehicles, vehicle parking, too many people, or any other problem, call 409-247-8160

The Galveston Parks Board has mandated that each STR have a “one hour contact,” or a person that can respond to complaints within one hour. Additionally, if the STR is not registered with the city of Galveston they will have to do so.

Galveston has spent 1.2 million on software that will search and cross-check the internet for STR advertisements and match them to the city’s registration database. The COG believes this new program will increase HOT revenue as they track down unregistered STRs

If you are having problems, send an email to:

King Property Management will try to help you resolve any issues as quickly as possible


Click here to notify the Galveston Park Board of rental concerns or complaints