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Did You Know?

The Terramar Beach Community Improvement Association incorporates approximately 590 properties on the west end of Galveston Island, TX. Our community includes 8 sections, all defined by their own deed restrictions.

Terramar Beach offers a relaxing, paradise-like atmosphere and is home to many full and part-time homeowners on the west end.

About Our Administration

TBCIA is managed by King Property Management ( and governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 13 elected representatives from each section. Board meetings are held semi-monthly on the second Saturday of the month at 9:00 am. Weather permitting, board meetings are always at the Pepper Pavilion.

Annual Meeting are held on the second Saturday in June.  Registration starts at 9:00 AM – Meeting begins at 10:00 AM

Regularly scheduled Board Meetings and Annual Meetings are posted on the community website at:

Communication is Key

How & Why We Need to Communicate


ALL HOMEOWNERS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION WITH KING PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. If you are a new homeowner or if your contact information has changed, please email the following information to Lisa Porter at or call: 713-956-1995.


If you would like your contact information listed in the Property Owner Directory, which is available to all homeowners, please complete the Directory Form and submit to Charlotte Dickerman at The directory is updated annually and will be published on this website under the Members/Owners section for privacy.

Emails from the Board

  • Emails from the Board are distributed by King Property Manage to all homeowners who have provided their contact information to the Board or directly to King Property Management.
  • It is imperative that you register as a homeowner to receive important notices regarding our community and your property.
  • The same contact information will be used to reach you in the event of an emergency and you cannot be present on the island.
  • Being listed in the Property Owner Directory will also allow you to stay in touch with your neighbors and allow them to stay in touch with you!

Receive City of Galveston Emergency Messages Directly to Your Phone

The City of Galveston offers a communication program that provides important alerts directly to your phone. To register for the Emergency Notification System go to:

Annual Homeowner Dues

Annual homeowner dues are due on or before January 1. Each homeowner receives notice of the amount due by email in the month of December. The current annual dues are $550 per property.

Failure to pay timely may result in additional fees.

What Do You Get for Your Annual Maintenance Fee?

Where are the Deed Restrictions, Dedicatory Documents and Guidelines?

TBCIA Deed Restrictions and Dedicatory Documents can be found under the Member/Owner page

Each TBCIA Section Has Its Own Deed Restrictions

Each section of TBCIA is governed by its own deed restrictions which provide rules and regulations to protect the value of our homes and our neighborhood. Some topics found in your deed restrictions include:
Property owners may report deed restriction violations to King Property Management by emailing Lisa Porter at: All deed restriction violations are to be kept confidential to protect property owner rights.

Not Sure Which TBCIA Section Your Property Is In?

Beaches & Dunes

Promote Clean Beaches!

Galveston has implemented a “Leave No Trace” ordinance to help promote clean beaches.
Please be aware that canopies, tents, umbrellas, beach chairs and other items left on the beach overnight will be removed and discarded by the city of Galveston.

Prohibited on Island Beaches:

Protect Our Dunes!

Sand dunes are protected by state law. As our first line of defense against coastal storm and beach erosion, dunes help absorb the impact of storm surge and high waves and help prevent flooding of inland areas and damage to structures. It is against the law to walk on dunes, let children play on them, drive ATVs on them or remove any vegetation from them. Snakes live in dunes and can be dangerous.

Emergency Contacts

TBCIA properties are located inside the city of Galveston (COG), and we rely on the city to provide security and emergency services as our first line of protection. If you see a security or safety threat, Call the City of Galveston first Call the City of Galveston first if you see a security or safety threat!


Must Know!

Fireworks are strictly prohibited anywhere on Galveston Island, including on the beach. Violators may be ticketed by Galveston Police Department and fireworks confiscated.

Golf Cart Registration

Know the Rules

Golf carts require a permit from the city of Galveston, and you MUST be a licensed driver to operate one. Per COG regulations, underage drivers are strictly prohibited from operating golf carts and violations may be subject to ticking.

Please note the following:

For more golf cart information and facts visit:

Grills & Outdoor Cooking

Grilling on the deck of homes is a fire hazard and prohibited by city ordinance.

How the mail works at Terramar Beach

Cluster mailbox units are located at the mailbox pavilion near the pool. To obtain a mailbox, visit the Galveston Post Office branch office at 5826 Broadway or 601 Tremont. More information can be found at:

Mosquito Control

Outdoor Lighting

Home & Boat Dock Fishing Lights

TBCIA acknowledges the City of Galveston Ordinance for Outdoor Lighting to determine when outdoor lighting is a nuisance. This ordinance prohibits lights to be cast on abutting properties and applies to both home lighting and boat dock fishing lights.
Complaints about lighting can be directed to your Section Leader or King Property Management. If the issue is not resolved within 30 days, the COG can be notified, and the city will further pursue compliance.
The specific city ordinance and foot candle requirements be found in the Documents & Forms section under Policies & Guidelines

“Party House” – How to Report A Party House

Pets – Need to Know!

The City of Galveston Leash Ordinance requires all dogs be on a leash at all times, to be always on a leash unless you are at a designated dog park. Leashes cannot be longer than 6 feet. Per TBCIA deed restrictions, no more than 2 dogs and/or 2 cats are allowed per home. The City of Galveston Animal Excrement Ordinance states: “Owners of animals must pick up all of their animals’ excrement that is secreted off their property.” Please be pet-friendly and on the beach. Dog bites should be reported to the City Animal Control at 409-765-3702.

Renting Your House

Galveston Association of Vacation Rental Managers (GARM)

A number of TBCIA homeowners who rent their homes hire a property management company that is a member of the Galveston Association of Vacation Rental Managers (GARM): GARM helps rental property owners uphold “good neighbor” policies and adhere to city, county and state laws and ordinances. Problems at GARM rental properties can be reported to the GARM hotline at 409-682-3603. However, not every rental property is managed by GARM. For issues with non-GARM rental properties, call the City of Galveston non-emergency number first to report the issue.

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)

Find Out if Your House or A Neighboring House is Registered

You can check with the Park Board at or call 409-797-5132.

Security – What YOU Can Do to Help Keep Our Community Safe

Social Events

A fantastical parade of festooned walkers, wagons, bicycles, and golf carts make Independence Day in the TBCIA community unlike any other! After making its way through the neighborhood, this unforgettable family jamboree finishes with an after- party of prizes, hot dogs and watermelon. The event is free.

Other Social Events to look forward to

In 2022 our community adopted a Social Committee to oversee social events in effort to promote social gatherings and getting-to-know your neighbor opportunities. The Social Committee is a welcome addition to Terramar and we all look forward to what fun events they come up with next. The Social Committee is led by Lisa Cook and a team of committee members and volunteers who work hard to put together fun agendas for all Terramar homeowners. If you would like to participate or share your ideas, please contact Lisa Cook at:

Storm Preparedness

The Atlantic hurricane season is June through November, with peak season from mid-August to late October. Make sure you and your family are prepared. Always be ready for a storm.

Trash Pickup Schedule & Roll Back Service

Monday is trash collection day for our community.

Please follow these City of Galveston regulations:

NOTE: Any appliance that contains freon must have the freon removed and must be red- tagged by a certified technician before the sanitation crew can remove it.

Vote in Galveston – Why it Matters

The TBCIA community depends upon vital city services such as police, fire, trash, street maintenance and flood mitigation. TBCIA homeowners also are impacted by county and state decisions.

Your vote will help to ensure that:

Wildlife – What You Might See & Who to Call

Many types of wildlife are part of Galveston’s natural ecosystem, and a variety of wildlife can be seen in our very own neighborhood, including alligators, birds, coyote hybrids/red wolves, sea turtles and snakes. If you encounter a nuisance or injured animal, please call the Galveston Police Department Animal Control at 409-765-3702.



Coyote /Red Wolf Hybrids sometimes prowl our neighborhoods. Pet owners please be aware. Coyotes as a species are here to stay. Coyotes impact us and our community and is the direct result of how human behavior shapes coyote behavior. We have the power to affect change individually and as a community because we must coexist with our neighbors – even the wild ones.
The City of Galveston website has important information on Coyote Management, Research, a Coyote Attractant Yard Audit and Coyote Response.

Sea Turtles

The endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtle can be found on the Island during nesting season, April 1 – July 15. The turtles can be up to 2 feet long and weigh as much as 100 pounds. Female turtles swim ashore and lay their eggs on the beach in areas fortified by seaweed for camouflage. Turtle patrols are seen regularly on Galveston beaches. To report a nesting or stranded turtle, call 866-887-8535.


Snakes are often seen in beach dunes and our canals. Important FAQs about snakes are found here:

YOGA for Terramar Beach Residents

Join neighbors and friends for yoga classes with Angela Guthrie. For dates and times and more information go to:

You & the TBCIA Community – Still Have a Question?

If you have cannot find the information you were looking for, feel free to send us a message under the “Contact Us” page.