Terramar Beach Community Improvement Association

Annual Meeting

June 14, 2003



The annual meeting was held under a tent in the recreation area.  The annual meeting was called to order at 10:10 am.  A quorum was established.


Bill Aimone introduced Galveston police Officer Horton and advised the members that he would speak later during the meeting.



A motion was made by Louie Baumann to approve the minutes from the last annual meeting in June of 2002.  B. J. Thompson seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.


Treasurerís Report:

Bob Fos gave the treasurerís report.  He said that our fiscal year ended April of 2003.  He reported that for the fiscal year, we had a total income of $80,072.36 which included interest $799.43,  total maintenance fees for 2003 and prior years $75,997.93, and miscellaneous income of  $3275.00.  Total expenses were $79,284.09.  Terramar has $50,331.87 in the checking account and $94,824.01 in the savings account. 


Architectural Report:

Larry Erdman told the members that we have 14 new houses under construction for the year.  Last year we only had five.  Lloyd Pepper asked if it were possible to require all new construction and major remodeling to require dumpsters and orange fences to minimize the blowing trash.  Bill said the architectural committee would look into putting additional guidelines in place.



Bill briefly discussed the handouts for the meeting.  They were concerning the following: recent high property valuations, our by-laws, and news from the West End Property Owners Association.



Officer Horton is the new officer that patrols the West End.  His shift is 6:00am until 2:00pm.  He made business cards available to everyone, which included his cell phone number.  He pointed out many important items to residents concerning various issues.  He explained that we only have two officers on the West End from 103rd Street to San Luis Pass.  On Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday we only have one officer.  The Galveston police department is working on adding more officers to the area. 


Sewage Treatment Plant:

Cindy Rice informed members that she had been working with the city concerning this expansion since last September and met with the engineers in May along with her husband and Doug Eibsen.  Doug emphasized that we are most concerned about noise, odor and beautification.  He told everyone that the building will sit seven to ten feet in the air and that a new type of system will be installed that addresses fluctuating needs during weekdays and weekends.  He said that another concern is access and increased traffic during the construction. 


Maintenance Fee Collection:

Ann Kitzmiller reported that a lot of fees were collected that were over two years old.  First, a letter went out from the president of the association, which was followed by a letter from an attorney that the association had hired for this purpose.



Kim Saxon thanked Howard Cordell for moving the excess dirt from the dredging of the canal and also thanked the volunteers that participated in the first annual clean up day.  During the last year, twelve large palm trees had been planted along the mail box road and grass was installed around the swimming pool.


Swimming Pool:

Bob Bowe reported that the pool had been replastered and that we meet the new city requirements for adding an additional drain.  He also added that we had replaced and repaired much of the fishing pier this past year. 


WGIPOA and City Issues:

Wanda Greer informed members about current CEPRA sand replenishment plans.  She reminded everyone that any government process tends to be extremely long and drawn out.  The deadline for putting sand on the beach has been extended until December of this year due to the Kempís Ridley turtle laying eggs at Pirateís Beach.   The West End now has an EMS service 24 hours a day out of Jamaica Beach instead of downtown Galveston.   In addition, a fuel refill station has been added by the city at 12 mile road for the police officers to refuel. 



Bill Aimone spoke about the beach walkovers.  A woman complained that the one in section two was in bad shape and someone was going to get hurt and she hoped that it was not her.  She stated that she wanted it in the minutes.  Bill Aimone explained how everytime we get the walkovers approved another forms comes in wanting more information.  Terramar finally got the last approval and we are waiting for the state to sign off on it. And we will be getting $12,500 for rebuilding the beach walkovers.   Bill informed everyone that this issue will be addressed at the July meeting and the walkover project will begin as soon as possible.  The new procedure is that we spend the money and then the state reimburses us.  


Thanks to Volunteers:

Bill Aimone made gift presentations to special volunteers this past year.  Howard Cordell was thanked for filling the sinkhole and leveling the land from the dredging.  Our Terramar Beach website is as good as it is with much thanks to Barbara Bowe.  Ron Froncek goes above and beyond his duties in maintaining the pool and common areas.  Lloyd and Cookie Pepper are always willing to lend a hand whenever needed.  A gift was given to Bill Aimone for all of his years of hard work on the board thanks to contributions from the board members.


Election of Officers:

B. J. Thompson of the nominating committee announced and introduced the two new additions to the board, Diane OíNeall and Sylvia Sullivan.   Eleanor Busby made a motion to elect officers as slated.  The motion was seconded by Pete Brennan.  The board was elected unanimously.   The officers and their positions are as follows:


              Doug EibsenóPresident                                      Diane OíNeall---Section 3

              Wanda Greer---Vice-President                             Lore Cordell---Section 4

              Bob Fos---Treasurer                                             Ann Kitzmiller---Section 5

              Kim Saxon---Secretary                                         Sylvia Sullivan---Section 6

              Bob Bowe---Section 1                                          Cindy Rice---Section 7

              Lynn King---Section 2                                          Elisabeth Krupa---Section 8

              Bill Aimone---Preceding president position


Bill Aimone turned the meeting over to the new president Doug Eibsen who then introduced the guest speaker.


Guest SpeakeróBrandon Wade:

Mr. Wade let everyone know that the funds are now available to build a new sewer treatment plant to replace the existing one.  The plans are currently being drawn up and construction should begin shortly after the first of the year.  It will take about 15 months to complete the plant itself.  Concerning the access road from FM 3005, he said that it wasnít planned originally but is an excellent idea.  A trunk line already exists and a larger one will have to be installed with additional easements running from FM 3005 obtained.  He said that an access road from FM 3005 to the plant would be built so the traffic does not run through the neighborhood.   The electrical load to handle the plant will not be tying into our electrical supply but a separate main line.  Mr. Wade pointed out how important Cindy Rice was in getting the city to consider Terramarís concerns.   He said that initially no landscaping has been planned, however with the participation of the subdivision there will be some landscaping to provide a type of screening.  As far as the treated water being used to water any landscaping, they could do it, however the water would be somewhat salty and may actually kill the plants.  Brandon Wade also told residents that the streets would be repaved after all water and sewer line work is complete.



New Business:



Lore Cordell gave a presentation concerning the proposal to build a new pavilion similar to the size of Sea Isleís.  Questions were asked and answered by residents.  Dorothy Arnold made a motion to approve the building of the pavilion with a budget of $50,000.  The motion was seconded by Barbara Bowe.  The motion passed unanimously.



Various Questions from the Floor:

A resident inquired about the mowing of the ditch that runs parallel with the road owned by Terramar.  Lloyd Pepper stated that he had been working with the city concerning this. 

Drainage problems were brought up by residents and these were addressed by Brandon Wade.  

The question of a right turn lane from FM 3005 was brought up.  Officer Horton told us that that was a state issue and a study would have to be done. 

There was a discussion of lengthening the hours and season for the swimming pool. Doug Eibsen said it would be discussed at the July board meeting.

A resident suggested that signs or a map be installed to direct visitors and delivery people to the canals. 

Officer Horton reminded residents that fireworks are illegal on the Forth of July in the city of Galveston. 


A motion was made by Mr. Langlois to adjourn the meeting at 11:50.  It was seconded by Mrs. Langlois.  It passed and the meeting was adjourned for lunch.